COVID-19 Support

Like many of you, we’ve been reflecting on the many challenges we’re facing as a health IT community and a global society in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We at CareCom would like to thank all of you that work in the healthcare field. Especially the ones that have direct contact with patients and their care. Your tireless efforts to provide care and comfort are appreciated and do not go unnoticed.


CareCom is committed to supporting our clients in this uncertain time and understands the unique terminology needs that have and may arise in the coming weeks and months. The need for accurate reporting of data is more apparent to many of us than ever. The dependence on clinical terminologies to be semantically aligned is an essential underpinning of the ability to use this data.  HealthTerm enables standard terminologies to be easily and quickly updated to support the changing needs of discovery. Where months ago, few had ever heard of COVID-19 the need to quickly add to our medical vocabulary and report against it is very present today.

CareCom is supporting efforts by WHO, SNOMED International, Regenstrief Institute, American Medical Association and other authors of content to include the COVID-19 concepts to code systems and value sets.

HealthTerm enables updated medical terminologies (ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, CPT®, and others) to be seamlessly used by all the supported clinical and financial systems. Using HealthTerm’s subset capability a user can easily build a subset of concepts that can be used to associate or screen for the state of disease or symptoms.


Thank you and be well.

From the CareCom teams in Denmark and the United States


Existing Clients

For our current HealthTerm clients, we have COVID-19 content updates available for download. If you need assistance to import, please reach out to your assigned point of contact.

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