HealthTerm® The Leading Global Enterprise Terminology System

The HealthTerm® Enterprise Terminology system consists of 3 things:
1. Content
• HealthTerm® is pre-loaded with standardized code systems, mappings between code systems and subsets
2. Software for terminology management and distribution
• High performance import/update as well as REST/SOAP API’s for integration
3. Terminology Management Tooling
• Tools for maintenance of e.g. local code systems, mappings, translations and subsets

Why choose HealthTerm®?
• A single source of truth for all of your subsets, mappings and code sets from the various standards organizations
• A possibility of creating local modifications of your mappings, synonyms and code sets.
• A cognitive mapping algorithm to optimize the crosswalks between your code systems
• Customized workflows to review/approve your mappings and subsets
• An enterprise integration through SOAP/REST API’s
• NO need for 3rd party licenses




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