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Healthix Selects Clinical Terminology Management Solution from J2 Interactive

Selection of the J2 Managed Terminology platform, powered by HealthTerm, was the result of an extensive RFP process.

NEW YORK, June 22, 2021 — Healthix, one of the largest public health information exchanges (HIE) in the United States, has selected the J2 Managed Terminology platform from J2 Interactive, a clinical terminology mapping solution powered by HealthTerm.

J2 Managed Terminology will increase the value of the clinical data Healthix provides to its participants by ensuring that key data elements within a patient’s medical history—such as lab results, diagnoses, allergies, and medications—has been translated to use a common, standardized language, regardless of the data’s original source. Given the increasingly expansive scope of longitudinal patient records, achieving this common language has posed a significant challenge to HIEs as their clinical data repositories continue to grow in volume and complexity.

With a patient’s consent, Healthix enables participating physicians and providers to access the patient’s aggregated medical record, regardless of where they received treatment. Healthix was early to recognize that cloud-based clinical terminology management has reached a maturity level that makes it ready for adoption by HIEs—and with the J2 Managed Terminology platform, Healthix will be able to normalize the information it shares with its many participants about clinical diagnoses, lab results, procedures, and other critical aspects of each patient’s medical history.

We are committed to providing our clinicians and care managers with data quality that will assist them with patient care, care management, analytics, and research. Being able to speak a common clinical language across thousands of data sources should translate into a more meaningful application of historical clinical records for the large patient population we serve

Said Healthix CEO Todd Rogow, explaining the decision to select J2 Managed Terminology Tweet

“Healthix was our first HIE customer, and we’ve been helping them simplify the work of New York’s healthcare providers and improve their patients’ health outcomes for more than 14 years,” said J2 CEO Lou LaRocca in response to the decision. “We’re excited to be working with Healthix to enable this latest innovation in health data quality, which is ultimately going to benefit millions of New Yorkers.”

Jacob Boye Hansen, CEO and founder of CareCom, developer of the HealthTerm terminology engine, is also excited by the project. 

“Our team is proud to help J2 set a new standard for clinical terminology normalization,” he explained. “J2 Managed Terminology, powered by HealthTerm, will enable seamless semantic interoperability across the entire Healthix exchange, significantly improving the quality of care in New York.”

Jacob Boye Hansen, CEO and founder of CareCom Tweet

Work on the implementation will begin this summer, with an initial go-live in the fall, followed by ongoing improvements to encompass an ever-growing list of data sources and clinical domains.

About Healthix

Healthix is one of the largest public Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the nation, bringing together over 8,000 healthcare facilities across New York City and Long Island. Healthix provides secure access to clinical data of more than 20 million patients for treatment, care coordination, and quality improvement. Data available through Healthix includes a broad range of clinical information electronically delivered with each patient encounter from across New York State, 24/7 in real-time. With HITRUST certification and MARS-E compliance as a critical component of its accreditation as a state qualified entity, Healthix affirms their commitment to the highest security standards, ensuring that data from all contributors remains secured and protected. Visit

About J2 Interactive

J2 Interactive is an award-winning healthcare IT services firm with deep expertise in application development, interoperability, and analytics that drives innovations in health information exchange, master data management, and population health. Founded in 2001, J2 has established a reputation as one of the leading providers of customized technology solutions to hospitals, labs, medical device companies, research centers, and HIEs. J2’s approach is rooted in a fundamental belief that systems succeed or fail based on how well they serve the people who depend upon them. To learn more, visit and follow J2 on Twitter @j2_interactive.

About CareCom

CareCom U.S. is a subsidiary of the Danish software company CareCom A/S, which was founded in 1999. CareCom primarily develops software for the healthcare sector. Since our creation in 1999, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with clients in Canada and the United States, Middle East, China, New Zealand, as well as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and many other European countries. CareCom’s major business area is the provision of solutions that support all aspects of working with healthcare terminologies and classifications. CareCom’s products support the process of establishing semantic interoperability between disparate systems, which we regard as a necessary prerequisite for systems integration. CareCom’s product HealthTerm provides a cost-effective, flexible platform to map and normalize clinical data. 

Read the press release at J2 Interactive here or at Healthcare IT Today here

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