We are Gazelles at BÖRSEN again!

It was with a tingling curiosity that I opened the thick envelope with Børsen as sender. In the letter I found a glossy greeting card printed on hard paper with the greeting ‘Hooray and Congratulations – your business is Børsen Gazelle 2020!

The Gazelle Award recognizes Danish companies that show continuous growth and has doubled its turnover over a four-year period.

And of course, the smile spread across my face and the pride grew in my chest! Being awarded a Gazelle means a lot to me and my team. It is a fantastic achievement which all at CareCom can be very proud of. It proves that we have had yet another eventful year, where we again succeeded in growing our business. It is the second year in a short time that we received this honorable award and it means that we have continued on a stable and strong growth journey.

And as a reader, you may now think I’m leading a startup but that is not the case. I started my business back in 1999, as a translation tool for the Danish National Board of Health and Welfare.  Their work (and ours) was to translate the international code system Snomed CT into Danish. A lot has happened since then and we have methodically grown the business into a truly global company with operations that stretch around the world from the US to New Zealand. We have also survived a difficult economic period  which we managed to navigate thanks to perseverance and faith in our solution, HealthTerm.

So why are we Gazelle recipients now after almost 20 years?

In my opinion, the healthcare market is finally starting to gain momentum for improved interoperability. It has taken a long time, but we now see that the new consumer-driven health information ecosystem is transforming the way health systems deliver care. And in this transformation healthcare organizations have made the painful discovery of disparate and fragmented terminology content and realized that interoperability is a key challenge. At the same time governments all around the world issue initiatives to drive the adoption of Healthcare IT. On top of this the interest for aggregated data and possibilities to apply AI, cognitive solutions and population health management is another factor driving interoperability.

In the end, I believe this means that the patients will see greater opportunity and satisfaction in the interactions with healthcare. As a result, the patient will be in control of their own health and health data. The goal is to have all data accessible with a click and drive proactive, informed decisions to improve patient health and wellbeing.  Simply put, improve a patient’s everyday life.

And as a new Gazelle, CareCom is seeing a high uptick in activies even after a rocky COVID spring.  New partnerships has been formed and new customers have been gained. We’ve already set our target of achieving yet another Gazelle award next year and to be the worldwide preferred partner in informatics Interoperability. We are ready to continue to drive change!

Author: Jacob Boye Hansen

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